Monday, 28 May 2012

Ok, blogging readers. No more excuses... here I am with one of my latest complete projects, made for a little spot in my kitchen that needed a touch of creative inspiration. One day, my kitchen will look like this ....

For now we're still in the 'mid-freeze' reno stage as my husband unfortunately got busy with his (real) job. So until he we can resume work on the kitchen again I'm taking it upon myself to spruce things up as much as I can in my own simple terms. Enter scrap wood. 

It wasn't long before I envisioned what I wanted this scrap board to become and as I played around with different bold fonts it took shape pretty quickly. Not only that, I came up with another new method of painting by accident. Remember mispaintsanding? (See post HOME or HOME? A Shabby Sign Process) Well, this here's called 'dry painting'. Not as original but gets to the point. I 'dry painted' my board by using a brush with very little paint so it looked weathered and worn without having to sand it! It turned out better than if I had planned it... Once the base of my board was dry I pulled out my trusty graphite paper and went to work tracing out my letters. Taking some antique white acrylic paint I 'dry painted' inside the letters for an effect that would add to the aged and worn out look as well.

Not fully filling in the rusty red I chose for the final colour allowed for the white of the letters to peek through creating a look of some wear and tear - the look I was hoping I'd end up with.

The finished product, my kitchen's very own old-looking MARKET sign, an aesthetic pull back to the days before neon lights and battery operated signs.
Give dry-painting a try and when you do, let me know how it goes! There's always a piece of old board hanging around that can be transformed into something unique for your home.
Also, stay tuned for another 'sifting treasure' moment coming soon. This sifted treasure was a garbage hunting find that, much to my husband's delight, inspired me to repaint a whole room!

Posting soon,

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